Dear Fellow Democrats, How About We Win First?

If I have to see one more batshit idea come out of a Democrat’s mouth, I’m going to lose it. Are we trying to lose or do we just like giving Fox News click bait? Here’s a recent tweet from the Rudin Writes account to illustrate these feelings:

Let’s start with the easy one: Not being anti-Semitic. Here’s how you do it: First, don’t hate Jews or deny Israel’s right to exist. Next: When someone says or does something anti-Semitic, you say it’s bad. And no, I’m not confusing anti-Semitism with questioning Bibi Netanyahu or the Likud Party in Israel. That’s fair game. I’m talking “dual loyalty” anti-Semitism. This isn’t hard. It’s wrong. Call it like it is. We find it really easy to call out Jeanine Pirro for being anti-Muslim on Fox News. Let’s just give my fellow Jews the same courtesy so we don’t look like hypocritical jerks.

Ok, next one: Don’t be a socialist. This one is pretty easy too. Now first, before you kick me out of the left-wing, let me clarify. I am in favor of universal healthcare. I am in favor of more regulation on the financial industry. I am in favor of improving and simplifying the tax code so the uber-rich pay more (hint: capital gains and estate taxes). I am in favor of immigration reform, including a pathway to citizenship. I am in favor of clean energy. I am NOT in favor of socialism though. Why? Because it never works. Literally never.

As with everything, there are degrees. For instance, we can have everyone get access to healthcare but not have it run by the government. Similarly, we don’t nationalize the banks. And we don’t break up the tech companies, simply because they got good at making money and buying up some of the innovative companies.

If you think that innovation is really going to be stifled in Silicon Valley, I’ll remind you that about ten to twenty years ago you’d be signing on to AOL to look up something on Yahoo before going over to Myspace. Then you’d have gone to Wal-Mart or the mall, before checking out a video at Blockbuster. Yes, the FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google) companies are huge, but there’s no telling where we’ll be in ten or twenty years. Let the innovators do their thing.

What people like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are doing by promising free stuff is intellectually dishonest. No, we can’t get this all done by just taxing really rich people. If you want Medicare for all, free college, or any other number of large-scale social programs, we will all have to pay into the system on a much larger scale. If that’s what the people want, fine. But don’t lie. Then you’re no better than the GOP. And I’d throw AOC in there too because she’s guilty of the above, but she’s too young to run for President.

Further, what do we really accomplish when we villainize the rich and successful? Nothing. Instead, how about we just propose sensible regulations once we get into office? Like, re-upping the Paris Agreement for instance? A carbon tax maybe? Further regulations on the health insurance industry so they can stop pickpocketing all of us? Dodd-Frank, the remix? A 2020 Voting Rights Act? There are plenty of things we can do once we’re in office. But we have to get there first.

So, please, when thinking about whom to vote for in the Democratic primary, remember one thing: The 2016 election came down to a few thousand people in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Yes, I understand that we need to make some big changes, but none of that can happen with President Agent Orange in the White House. He is a clear and present danger to our nation and he must be voted out of office . . . unless Mueller gets to him first of course.

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