The Republican Party’s Abandonment of Women

No, this article isn’t about Brett Kavanaugh. We already told you how we felt about his nomination and that was even before Dr. Ford’s compelling and credible testimony. No, this article is about the Republican Party at large as it pertains to the treatment of women.

But before we get there . . . hey, fellow Democrats and liberals, we have to get our own houses in order. Why on Earth is Keith Ellison still in office? He has been credibly accused of sexual assault, though he denies the allegation. On a scale of Al Franken to 10, this is inexcusable. Not only is Ellison still in office but the allegation is something that barely makes the news cycle if you stay on the traditionally liberal media sites. If we’re going to throw stones, and we damn well should be throwing stones, let’s make sure we’re not doing it from glass houses, okay?

Now that we have that settled, where were we? Ah, the Republicans and women.

Quick update, the Republicans’ problem with women didn’t start with Brett Kavanaugh. It started a long long time ago, but we want to focus more on the present day. Why? Because the Republican Party’s acquiescence to the mal-treatment of women is irrefutable in today’s political arena. And why, you ask, are we so confident in that statement? It’s simple. The Republican Party is the party of Donald Trump. There’s no getting around it at this point in his presidency.

The Republicans in office vote with Trump. They refuse to denounce Trump, unless you count a few tepid comments here and there as denunciation. Hell, Lindsey Graham went from calling Trump a xenophobe to being Trump’s lap dog, all so he can position himself to take Jeff Sessions’ soon to be vacant seat.

The Republican establishment is willing to look the other way so that they can get their tax cuts and their Supreme Court seats. Now that they’re about to have accomplished those aims, let’s examine what they’ve looked the other way on, vis-a-vis Trump and women.

Donald Trump has five children by three different women. No big deal, right? But can you imagine how apoplectic the religious right would be had that been the case with Obama?

How about adultery? To say that Donald Trump has been unfaithful to his wives would be to say that . . . well we can’t think of a proper comparison. Let’s just say that this guy likes to cheat on his wives, a lot.

Not good enough for you? How about sexual assault? There have been multiple allegations against Donald Trump of sexual assault. Let’s say you don’t believe them though. We have Donald Trump, on tape, bragging about sexually assaulting women. Unless you think that grabbing women by their genitals is fine behavior, in which case, maybe you should just switch back over to Hannity and enjoy the rest of your day.

Still not good enough for you? How about playing Peeping Tom on pageant contestants and then bragging about it? How about playing Peeping Tom on teenage pageant contestants?

There’s probably more than we’ll ever know with regard Trump and his treatment of women. What remains is that all of the above happened and the Republicans still made him their nominee for the Presidency of the United States. Not only that, but a healthy majority of the Republican Party still supports the man. You want to talk about what kind of message Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination sends to women? That’s chump change when it comes to what Trump’s ascension to the Presidency and his staying power say to women.

But do yourself a favor. Stop blaming Republicans for where things stand today. We have to look in the mirror first. 56%. That’s the percentage of people who turned out for the 2016 election. That is pathetic. We can blame Russia. We can blame the Electoral College. We can blame a lot of things. But at the end of the day, we did this to ourselves simply by failing to do our civic duty and vote. Yes, the Republicans have cheated. Yes, they have lied. But we have no control over that. We do have control over our own actions. So let’s do our jobs, vote our interests and then see what shakes out. Until we do that, we’ll be right back where we are today, in a country led by a guy like Trump.

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