Why Rudin Writes

What we hope to bring to you here at Rudin Writes is a combination of sarcasm, analysis, and low-brow humor in discussing anything and everything sports, sometimes venturing into issues of the day when appropriate. If you are somebody who tweets “stay in your lane” to writers, this might not be the site for you, unless you’re tweeting that at Skip Bayless. We believe in the exchange of ideas in the open forum and look forward to interacting with our readers.

Eric Rudin, the founder and editor-in-chief of Rudin Writes, is a practicing attorney in Century City, California, which is located on the west side of Los Angeles. When he is not practicing law, he can be found dissecting the play of his hometown teams, namely the Dodgers, Lakers, Kings, Galaxy, and anything UCLA. Eric grew up playing mostly golf, soccer, and basketball, lettering in soccer and golf in high school. He was also the one in charge of holding the team sign on picture day for eight years running as the smallest player on every rec league basketball team he played on growing up.

Eric also has spent much of his adult life as a coach at the recreation center where he grew up, spending the vast majority of his coaching years in basketball. He also coached three years of high school basketball before attending law school.

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