I Know You Are But What Am I – The Trump Doctrine

“All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.” President Trump has taken that book to heart. In case you haven’t noticed, President Trump is not the most adept when it comes to the whole “using words” thing. Because of that, the Trump Doctrine had to be a little less complex than say, the Truman Doctrine, or a bowl of alphabet soup for that matter.

As a result, President Trump has implemented one strategy as his go-to time and time again. Most of us learned it in our early childhood years. And then we grew up. Trump apparently hasn’t grown up and never stopped using it. The strategy goes like this: “I know you are but what am I?” 

Let’s take a look at some examples of the Trump Doctrine at work, shall we?

1) I’m not a liar, you’re a liar.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller, when he wasn’t telling Congress to refer to his report or that something was beyond his purview, acknowledged that Donald Trump lied in Trump’s written responses to questions (Those were under penalty of perjury by the way. He can go to jail for that).

The press, when given the rare opportunity to address the President, asked about his penchant for lying. Trump’s response? I know you are but what am I.

Good for Yamiche Alcindor for standing her ground.

2) I’m Not a Criminal, You’re a Criminal!

As it turns out, our President is probably guilty of more federal crimes than Al Capone. Knowing himself to be a criminal, what did Trump do to deflect that characterization away from himself and onto his opposition? You probably know the answer already, don’t you.


Speaking of the 2016 election . . .

3) I’m Not a Puppet, You’re a Puppet!

This one doesn’t need too much explaining. It comes from the debate prior to the 2016 election. Hillary Clinton *cough* accurately *cough* described Trump as a puppet for Vladimir Putin. Trump’s response was eloquent, poignant, and to the point. Well, it was one of those things at least.

It would be a hilarious video if only Trump didn’t become the leader of the free world.

And finally . . . everybody’s favorite . . . 

4) I’m Not a Racist, You’re a Racist!

You had to have been hiding under a rock, which was buried underneath a mountain of sand, to have missed Donald Trump’s recent racist outreach campaign. Naturally, members of the press, and the public as well, have questioned the President’s willingness to engage in racist speech and behavior.

Trump responded as only he could:

And there you have it. Wait, he did it again with Rep. Elijah Cummings and the entire city of Baltimore? I guess the Trump Doctrine can’t be encapsulated in one tweet. He tried though.

What’s that? You want one more? Okay then.

Bonus) I’m Not a Bigot, You’re a Bigot!

Because nobody knows how to spot a bigot like Donald Trump. All he needs is a mirror after all.

HAHAHAHA! That lady’s reaction is the BEST!

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